Who is Liana Whoo?

When I chose a username, I didn’t realize it would ultimately become my identity. What started as square boxes showing snapshots of my life eventually became puzzle pieces fitting together to build the person I am today. Lianawhoo is the reason I have courage to embrace living out the truth in a world where perfect is expected.

I dared to break away from the norms of mainstream media, ignoring the “shoulds,” “coulds,” and “woulds” to follow my heart. By doing so, I’ve become assertive and more independent all while growing a loyal community who has stayed by my side every step of the way… Whether you’re a mom, wife, girlfriend, single, or not sure where you belong just yet… you’re a piece to the puzzle that makes up this community of women.

Together we share tips, stories, struggles, and laughs as we individually grow stronger. If you’ve been with me, stick around. We’re only going up from here!

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    When you sign up, you’ll have immediate access to all of my blog posts, and will be automatically entered into my giveaways. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly.

  • What's the difference between a monthly and yearly subscription?

    The mebership benefits are the same, but you can choose to pay for the entire year or month by month.

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    Yes. Those of you who are already subscribed to my blog automatically have access to the app. Just use the same username and password you used when signing up for my blog.

  • Will you offer a free trial?

    Yes. The first week my app launches it will be open to the public.

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    Yes, for now.

  • Cancelation Policy?

    Subscription is a 3 month minimum. After that you can cancel.

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    Think of it like Instagram, but I'm the only person producing content. You will be able to see my feed, watch my daily stories and read my blog directly on the app. You can leave likes, and comments under my posts, as well as respond to my stories.